General Aims

The aim of CMS is to promote the study of the European Middle Ages through fundamental and advanced research and to make its activity conspicuous both in academic circles as well as to the general public. The work of CMS is characterized by the interdisciplinary approach of a complex problematic which allows for new directions of reflection about the medieval cultural universe to be defined and for new specific tenets for advanced research compatible with actual European practices to be worked out. CMS also tries to adopt several efficient team work strategies. In this respect, CMS endeavours to assimilate and train young M.A. and Ph. D. students from various faculties of the university in medieval studies and maintains close contact with several European research networks such as CNRS or the University of Poitiers Centre for Medieval Studies. Through their projects, which include translations and critical editions of fundamental medieval texts, and through their debates and public talks, the members of CMS intend to draw the attention to the academic audience to the study of medieval culture and to eventually contribute to an increased awareness of the European humanist tradition in the Romania.