Research Directions

CMS is interested in the following areas:

- the interdisciplinary study of medieval culture: medieval European literature and philosophy, theology and patristics, history of mentalities, ecclesiastical history, the history of institutions and of political thought, history and theory of art, sociology of culture;

- discourse theory: semiotics, pragmatics and the hermeneutics of medieval text;

- the study of documentary sources; ecdotics and textual criticism, history of books and of reading practices.

Research Activities

CMS is actively seeking:

- to develop interdisciplinary research projects

- to elaborate and publish articles, studies, and books on medieval studies, and to edit a journal of medieval studies at international standards (referees, editorial board, periodicity)

- to organize talks, conferences, colloquia, and other professional meetings

- to work out M.A. and Ph. D. curricula

- to integrate Ph.D. students in medieval studies at the University of Bucharest to its research activities

- to collaborate with Romanian and foreign institutions, study groups, and academic societies in order to organize professional meetings and to support various common research lines